Matching Names with Responses

You need to first create a (single) relation column in your Users table, that matches the users email address with the same value in the other table. Then change your Lookup column so that it selects the yes/no response via the relation column.


See below:

You are using the value from the User Profile row, which means you will see the same value for every user - it will be whatever value corresponds to that of the “signed in” user.

You need to change that to reference the “Match for Phone” column directly, rather than via the User Profile row.

Should I be using a Lookup in the User table?

The lookup is fine, you just need to reference it correctly as I described above.

When I reference the Yes/No field it gives me a combination of yes and nos

Make sure you are using the single relation that @Darren_Murphy mentioned above.

Is that different from “Single Value”?

Depends. Are you using a Single Value against a relation in place of a lookup column? Or are you using Single Value → Whole Row in place of a single relation? Regardless in your case, I would recommend a single relation (relation with multiple checkbox unchecked) and point your lookup column to that relation.

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