Marvel Movie Marathon

For anyone who wants it—keep track of all 23 Marvel Studios Movies. View by release year or in chronological order. Keep track of those you watched and add to favorites.

Created in 15 minutes prior to my daddy-daughter date tonight :wink:


Hm…forgot to include watched logic to hide movie poster. I’ll update tonight!


Completely copied and changed the info (and icon) for my favorite movies.

These also go in a certain chronological order!

Pixar movies in order: Full list of Pixar Theory movies (


Is The Incredible hulk an MCU movie? :scream:


It’s a cool idea, but unfortunately I can’t use your app. A year ago, my French teacher also started a Marvel movie marathon, and he asked some guys to collaborate with us and suggested to watch canada tvshows . The teacher distributed two films for each student. We had a weekend to watch movies and make presentations about them. In the next lesson, we were telling each other about the title of the film and a few words about the writer and director, then a little about the company and the history of the film, and at the end, its content and main idea. It was exciting and funny. My classmates would like to repeat the Marvel marathon at the other lessons.