🍿 🎬 Miniflix Fun: App for Streaming Short Animated Films

At Riegel Groupe we get a LOT of requests to make comparable apps like our Glidegram template. I have to remind clients that Glide really shines with Apps for Work, but every now and then I like to dabble in a project just for fun :nerd_face:

Say hello to the semi-finished app Miniflix :wave:t4:

Inspired by many of the favorite streaming apps we love (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) Miniflix is a collection of short animated films with the following features:

  • Adding flicks to a personalized watch list
  • Auto-generating YouTube thumbnails based on the video ID
  • Tracking watches
  • Featuring the β€œMost Watched” flick
  • Watch history
  • User select screen

Still fine-tuning this one :grimacing:. If anyone is interested in seeing us push the envelope with a few more features or seeing this as a template (or just want a copy for the backend :wink:) let me know.


My 4 year old is looking over my shoulder as I scroll though your screenshots, and drooling :rofl:


Lol Kids know best :woman_shrugging:

@Darren_Murphy You cant beat my 3yr old who probably has mastered using YT and is wondering why papa is watching cartoon on the mobile. he he he

@Lisa Very interesting feature set. Will think over it for few days or so and comment here on what i feel can be a value add for the above.


Yeah, like to see a template!