Marketing Agency Matching Platform

Finding the right fit when it comes to agencies used to be a painstaking experience.

Thanks to glide and their AI integration, looking for a suitable marketing partner now comes down to a couple of sentences and less than a minute of waiting.

Check out our matching platform here and feel free to leave an honest review: Kampadre

(It’s in german, and the agencies listed are swiss agencies)

Learn more about the vision behind the project here:


I can’t read German, but such a great idea.

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Happy to hear! :slight_smile:
We’ll definitely look into an english version in the future.

Have a great day!

A small glide-success story if I may:

Thanks to the quick developing tools from glide, we were able to onboard more than 100 clients (marketing agencies) to our “Agenturverzeichnis” that is powered by AI.

It’s absolutely stunning what glide has enabled us to do thus far since we are now just a few weeks away from launching paid plans that offer additional features specifically tailored to our users. :star_struck:


@Raphael_Aebersold - Congrats on the milestone! That’s amazing. :pray:

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