Maps : would it be possible to have different "map pin" colors on one map?


Many thanks to Glide teams for all the amazing work they’ve achieved so far!

I have a map-based application and I was wondering if it would be possible to show different category of items in different colors (or icon) on my map?

For instance if my app is showing bars and restaurants around me, would it be possible to show “bars” in red pin points and “restaurants” in blue? From a Google sheet perspective this feature could be setup thanks to a “type of pin point” column in which I would need to enter wether the line item is bar or restaurant (or whatever I’m showing on my map).

In the end, what would be awesome is to let the possibility to the App user to filter what he wants to see (bars or restaurants or both) in the map… =)



Can’t help with pin colors, but check out Dynamic List Filter in . Maybe you could do something like that to filter by type.

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I’ll second this idea as it would give devs the ability to also brand their accent color in another spot in the app. I would also make the suggestion to carry this color customization to inline text links as well. Right now, inline links in markdown are just underlined in the default text color. It would be great to have these links also tied to Settings > Accent Color. :+1:


I like you’re solution of a filtered inline list with a map layout !

It works for what I want to do (except if my App user wants to show all bars and restaurants :wink: ), maybe not for @gannonatwork though.

Many thanks!

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+1 to the request of map pin colors based on an attribute

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