Different color map pins by filter

The filter would be very powerful on the map if the pins could be different colors. Thank you

Just like Calendar collection has grouping to change the color of the event, the Map component should have grouping to change the color of the pins. Voted!


This doesn’t work for the new Apps, it can’t reference dynamically.

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Hello, normally this new feautures are developed? If so, in what timeline?

We experts don’t have access to the product roadmap timeline.


Maybe being able to add the pin as a choice icon can also have a big impact. For example if am working with taxi so I can choose a taxi or so icon to use it as the pin

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When can we expect this feature? the workaround using CSS doesn’t work in Pages

At the moment you can only vote, we don’t have a public roadmap to know which features are actively being developed.

Where is this on the roadmap? Can someone from Glide respond?

We’re building something for a client and this feature is really needed.

If you are on a business plan that supports CSS:

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We’ve been hoping for this for a long time. I was told some time ago by Glide leadership that maps weren’t a highly requested feature. One expert mentioned that it might be a self-fulfilling prophecy, since people who need good mapping wouldn’t be attracted to Glide. We love the other things that Glide does…this is the one big missing ingedient for us, and even some map features in Classic weren’t ported over. :frowning:

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I often find myself resorting to custom Mapbox coding in Github + web embed if I need something that is not natively available. That’s the best option I have for now.

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Unfortunately our client’s workspace isn’t on this plan. Even then, the cost is prohibitive because of the number of users.

Interesting that maps isn’t highly requested - so many use cases, including internal tools, would need locations, e.g. field service ops, delivery, inventory management across sites, customers…

Our client has a few other things in Glide, which they love. Makes sense for them to keep using Glide for new use cases… this map one is a big initiative. It’s too bad this feature is missing.

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