Customize map icon marker

Hey Glide community,

I’ve got some issues with city guide templates, can you help ?

· Can we change the location icons colors and how? The idea is to clearly make the difference between two categories (food &activities)?

· Regarding the « ID address preview » while you are still on the map (footer), the name of the place appears twice. Is it possible to change the second one into a new category of information?

· In the places description, is it possible to insert emoticons?

· Is it possible use personal icons instead of your« standard » icons for the main menu (currently : Visit / Food &Drink / Learn)?

Thank you for your help,

  • At the moment, you can’t change the default location pins
  • Make sure you’ve configured the properties of the map layout so that all of them are reading from different columns
  • I believe you can put emoji in all text fields in Glide (I may be wrong…). Have you tried it?
  • Not yet! But custom icons are planned.

I’m also interested to change the map pin color as a new feature. It will be great to have this possibilities in order to distinguish different categories of stores. Thank u


I could also use multiple colors / types of pushpins on the maps for items of different categories. Thanks for all your hard work Glidesters…


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