Maps not updating properly

Maps not showing up properly in the app:

  • Essentially used a template with a map column (all good)
  • Duplicated the sheet that has the map
  • Renamed the duplicated sheet, and added as source to a new tab


  • The map in the original sheet is good and shows locations in a specific city
  • The maps in the new tab is totally out of whack shows arbitrary global locations that are not in that city


  • The actual links are fine and work properly in copy paste but rendering in the app shows all over the world.

Is the address setting in the map pointing to the correct column?

yes its pointing to the “Map Link” column in the new sheet as well.

  • my bad… something seems off. let me make sure I’m doing it right.
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ok I pointed Address in the map the right column.

But now I get an error saying free maps limit reached, and the tab is not working properly.
I have less than 15 entries in this sample app. What is the limit?

10 pins/address lookups for free apps. Maybe more if you use coordinates instead of relying on backend services to geocode the addresses into coordinates behind the scenes.