Map skillset of employees with Glide

We want to create an overview of our employees with Glide. We want to show the skills of every employee in a list or as small tiles in the component of this employee. There are ofcourse people with overlapping skills, so we want to be able to search for a certain skill in order to see which people are possessing it. How can we edit our data that this is shown in the details of every employee?

Any tips or recommendations would be most useful.

Thank you!

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Does each employee have a column that lists their skills, or are the skills listed in a different sheet?

I don’t know how to start creating the Google sheet. So I can list the skills in a way that is easiest to get this outcom.

@Pauline_D_Haese as an idea - you could show a card for each employee like that !
If level of skill is a relevant information

The way how you can organize such sheet you and display the data as one cell graph - you can find in this budgeting app by @Krivo

If you’re just looking for a simple list, I’d recommend using creating the list using markdown in a single column. Then you can use the Rich Text component to display the list. The search function searches every column in that record, so it should be able to read the skills in that markdown column and only show the results that match the skill you searched for.