Need Help Displaying Unique Job Titles per Project for Users

Hey Everybody! I’ve gotten myself stuck on something I’m sure glide can do, but I’m having a hard time figuring it out.

I’m creating a customer portal where I can add users to various projects we are working on. On each project I have a collection of users that displays name, photo, contact info etc. This all works great.

Where I’m getting stuck is displaying the job title specific to that user for that unique project alongside their other info. With the way my industry works, people can hold a variety of positions on different projects.

I’m making some progress using a separate table, but suspect there is a cleaner way to do this using arrays or JSON objects.

Thanks for the help!

If you’re on a plan that can use Big Tables, I would use a Big Table to hold the info of user assignment to each project, so it looks like this:

Project ID User ID Role
P001 U001 Project Manager
P001 U002 Developer

Then relate the Projects table with this using the project ID.

Another option is using an array, which I imagine will involve a custom form where you choose a user and a role, then write to a multiple files column.

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Thanks so much! I’m doing something similar to this, but can easily switch it over to a big table. What are the advantages of big tables?

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If you are positive it won’t reach 25k anytime soon, then you can just keep it in Glide Tables. Big Tables can reach 10 million, but has some limitations.

Good to know, I’ll see if I can get everything to work with Big Tables for future-proofing sake.

Very curious about how you would approach this using arrays. I’m having trouble sorting out how to store pairs of values. Would it make more sense to store the (Project,Role) values in the Project Table or User Table?

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Here you go.

Oh yes, very familiar with all the trebuchet videos from Robert now. I can bundle the values into an array of JSON objects. But as far as I can tell there is not a way to “unpack” an array of JSON objects into individual rows that can be viewed in a collection.

I think the trebuchet method works best when one set of information is a fixed quantity. But in my case the number of users, number of projects, and number of roles are all variable.

Why so though? Wouldn’t this work?