Map Pins display at incorrect locations

Yes, because then you allow the user to enter/edit the address as parts, and the map works – you get both of the things you want, not just one.

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It should be identical…I prefer that method because then users will enter addresses in a more standardized way. That, and you can include choice components for state selection to avoid some users entering “VA” and other entering “Virginia”

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I have found the most accurate method is to geocode ordinary addresses into co-ordinates. This can be done is Google Sheets with the Geocode from Awesome Tables add-on.

It will look up the addresses and output 2 columns: lon and lat. Then we simply concatenate the values of both columns into one column (with the lon & lat values separated by a comma). This the column we use to generate the map.

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I was testing location component on an add form and noticed that my pin is significantly misplaced when testing the app in developer mode in chrome browser on mac compared to using the published app on ios which gave an accurate pin location.

Is this to be expected? And if so, briefly why?

Appreciate any feedback

Depends. Does your Mac have a GPS? Are location services enabled on the browser and your Mac? The location component is going to get as close as it can. My laptop gets within a mile of my actual location. It does not have a built in gps. At best it’s probably getting your location based on your IP and ISP. Works fine on my phone, but obviously my phone has a built in gps and location permissions are enabled to pinpoint my precise location instead of a general location.


Makes sense - thank you @Jeff_Hager - I now understand why phone is better - they were both.(phone and mac) working on same wifi network so assuming phone’s gps rendered more accurate result.

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