Map Pin Grouping

When mapping thousands of locations on the map view, is there any way to group densely-clustered points together rather than limiting them?


This has been requested many times but I don’t think we have any news to look forward to.

Yes, as @ThinhDinh mentioned, it has been brought up several times and we asked about it back in 2019. I agree pin clustering would be a huge upgrade for the map component; I just don’t know how realistic it is given other development priorities. :pray:

I’ve not used the map component much, but it seems to me you could do this with a bit of computed column logic? Or is there a constraint that I’m not aware of that would prevent that?

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I think the main constraints are:

  • How you determine points are “close” to each other. This can theoretically be done by taking the distance for all the points against a fixed point, then use some math columns to derive a “grouping value”.

  • Cluster pins would have to get some sort of visualization (I believe the number of pins is the usual way to do that, but we don’t have a native way).


  • I assume people would want the ability to keep normal pins alongside clustered pins.

@ThinhDinh and @Darren_Murphy, I always appreciate your willingness jump in and talk us through workarounds. I think you’re on the right track and considering all aspects. Mapbox has pin clustering built-in to it’s Mapbox GL JS application but my guess Glide currently has Mapbox.js deployed instead:

If you’re using the Mapbox.js library in an existing web application, making the switch to Mapbox GL JS can lead to performance improvements that make the work required to transition worth the effort.

This documentation discusses the steps and resources needed to make the transition. That’s why I think it’s a matter of dev time prioritization. I’m sure it’s on the Glide roadmap somewhere (at least I hope) but other features are likely higher on the list. I’ll hold out hope it’s coming though. :rocket:

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It’s the year of power, so fingers crossed.