Managing Releases/Versions of an App

What’s the typical strategy for managing releases of an app or access to new features?
Let’s say I’m testing a specific capability, can I have a testing version for some of my users to interact with?

Glide isn’t great for managing multiple versions or releases.

You can duplicate your app, make changes, and share it with certain users, but you then have to manage switching urls to the new version, or make the same changes to the original version.

You can turn off auto publishing and publish changes manually, but only you as the developer will be able to see changes in the builder.

You could set different visibility conditions or filters for new tabs or components to make them visible to certain users. When you are ready to go live, then you only need to change those conditions so everyone sees them. This is personally how I do it. I always work with the live app, and if I’m making make changes, then I control visibility so only ai can see the changes.

In any case, you need to consider the fact that the data is always shared, so if you are manipulating the column data then it could affect all versions of your app.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager, this is helpful.
Looks like the visibility conditions could be treated like “feature flags”.
Managing visibility conditions plus disabling auto publishing during “development” might be a tolerable option for what I’m thinking about.

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