Making a personal scoresheet without a sign-up

Hey everyone, I am a beginner with a problem,

I want to make a scoresheet that allows people to apply their own personal ratings and see their preferences. So, for example, if I would doubt whether I like Mario, Luigi or Peach the most. So I rate each character on strength, humor and appearance on a scale from 1-5. Mario: 4,2,4. Luigi: 2,5,5. Peach: 2,4,3. I then want to see: 1st place - Luigi (12). 2nd place - Mario (10). 3rd place - Peach (9 ).

I achieved it by implementing a spreadsheet that had a strength, humor and appearance column. The ´total´ column was simply all the columns combined.

I then used the rating component attached to each column… one for strength, one for humor and one for appearance:

But, I want friends to put there scores in as well. However, when they use the app, they still see my scores and if they put in theres, I lose mine. How can I make users add personal ratings and see their own personal scores?

Thank you in advance. (ps. The Mario thing is an example ofc)

If users won’t be signing in, then what you will need to do is use User Specific columns.
Note that once you switch to user specific columns, the data will no longer appear in your Google Sheet, so you will need to do the rating calculation in Glide. This should be easy enough with a math column.

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Do you need users to see others’ scores as well?

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