Making a matching app

Nice to meet you
My name is Leila, and I am developing an app for the first time.

I’m thinking of making a matching app.
Is it possible to implement the following functions?

・messaging function
・certificate upload approval
・Membership registration (SNS)
・like function
・point function
・function of word-of-mouth evaluation
・Instagram collaboration

One-on-one chat is not available at the moment without any tweaks that probably will fill your row limit to it’s maximum in days. Not sure if I understood correctly what certificates your talking about but if you mean like government issued documents than absolutely yes. Membership registration is also available but each user counts as a row, which will be a problem for scaling the app. Not sure if I understood the last ones, please tell more about your visionary :slight_smile:

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What I usually do for one-on-one chat is use the comments component, that won’t trigger your row count. However users can’t edit or delete the comments so there’s a tradeoff.


Thank you for your advice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I would like to create something like a business matching application.

The details of the certificate upload and approval will look like this
1.Users register their user information.
2.Users upload images of passports and government-issued documents to the user
3.Image data is saved in a spreadsheet.
4.App creator verifies the image data.
5.Validate the user registration.

And then what an authenticated user will be doing with the app? What do you mean by business matching application? As the certifications checking progress, I’d be doing something like this:

  1. Create a new sheet called “Businesses” with all necessary columns and two for “Is Authenticated”, “Gov-Issued Documents”.

  2. Create a new tab asking the user to complete information about its business. Make this tab visible only to user whom business “Is Authenticated” field is empty. Make all other tabs visible only if the mentioned column IS NOT empty AND IS NOT “In Review”

  3. On this tab, make a form with a file picker linked to “Gov-Issued Documents” and a component sets “Is Authenticated” to “In Review”

  4. Create a new list tab and change its visibility to be shown only to you, then set the list to list all business and filter those by “Is Authenticated” field is “I’m Review” Inside of business details add a button setting the “Is Authenticated” to current time.

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Authenticated users will find others to study and discuss with.
When they find a friend they like, they can message each other individually in Glide.