Making a list of emails as row owners for every new item added

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So this was a really helpful discussion and template, but I think I’ve gotten stuck.

To set some context…

  • I have 2 tabs in a google sheet: ‘Contacts’ and ‘Notes’
  • A user can have multiple contacts with their email addresses, listed in the ‘Contacts’ tab, i.e. ‘User’ ‘Contact email’, with multiple rows per user depending on how many contacts they have
  • A user can add ‘Notes’, which get listed in the ‘Notes’ tab with the columns ‘User’ and ‘Note’ (all ‘User’ columns are the user’s email address)
  • I need to be able to add new columns to the end of rows in ‘Notes’ for every contact that user has, so that I can set those columns as row owners and those contacts can see those note items.

I think I’ve gotten stuck because the arrayformula in the template provided uses ‘filter’, however I wonder if I need something like ‘match’?

Appreciate any inputs :slight_smile: