Automate row owner


how to automate row owner? i mean when new user create new data i want it follow previous column configuration. At the moment i just do manual at spreadsheet.
screen shoot as below.


You can create an arrayformula in your Email2 column in the google sheet to automatically fill it. Or you could create a template column with your email address in the app, then have that template column automatically write to the Email2 column through a Column Value component in the form.

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If the “Email2” column will always be, you can put this formula in the first cell.

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Thank you for your help. it worked.

just to ask small clarification when i try to add new record it display in app database but not at spreadsheet. is that normal?


thank you for your suggestion.

i am interest to know for second method. you have any example for it? because glide technology is new to me. not sure which template you talking about.

Try to clear all the empty rows you have. It might be somewhere in there at the bottom of the Sheet.