Madhatgirls Exhibition in London UK

Check out this app I wrote for a group of young female “Creative Entrepreneurs” in the UK. The timing of their exhibition is unfortunate given the world situation. Hopefully the app I wrote will help attendee participation even if it is only virtually. The idea was for physical attendees to listen to the exhibitors as they viewed their various creations/artwork on display. Maybe some of you could attend the exhibition virtually through the app to bump up attendance. The variety and creativity of these ladies is quite remarkable and their stories are kind of fun to listen to.

From a tech standpoint it is pretty straight forward. It does use Buy Button Components and the relatively new shopping cart feature for consolidated donations. Also the social media icon links are done with a Rich Text component and a custom Google script function. I did also write an Admin app to make data entry easy for the show organizer. The base build took about a day with a few starts and stops and time needed to enter sample data to test things out. Then a few weeks of tweaking as it was being tested. The basic idea and some of the code was borrowed from a few other projects of mine especially, which did sponsor the writing of this app. If you are interested you can listen to the Wandertale story where you can hear Jen and myself interview ourselves talking about the creation of Wandertale. But do take a look at all the other exhibitors. Lastly if by chance you are in London and you want something to do, check out the exhibition in person.


For the first time ever I’m reporting a bug to you, @George_B :wink:

See “column31” at the bottom.


Thanks, it should be fixed in next Tuesdays build!

Just kidding, I added that last Social media site, just for this one exhibitor, at the last minute and must have hit the automatically add new columns button by accident. The link itself is the last Icon so no need for the component. I also turned off the option to display the title hints for the Icons, the short abbreviations were a good idea but the icons they picked don’t give it enough room. Thanks for taking a look at it and finding this. It’s fixed.


Really nice @George_B.

Note. Check the wandertale detail page it as the same error as @Mark reported.
Would also make the “support artist button” the same as in the wandertale app, with the profile photo of the creative, so it pops more.
Second note. like the conversation you have with Jennifer.

Thanks for the tips. I made the changes and fixed error on the Wandertale detail page.

For others reading this, the reason for the error getting into production code was do to lack of proper testing and quick fixes which many times have ripple affects. What happened was that I copied, values only, some rich text to a cell in the row in question to see what the raw text looked like and forget to delete it. The importance of having as many eyes on your app while testing can’t be stressed enough.

Blown away by the homepage animation!

great job all round! :smile:

Agreed, very cool animation :+1:

I can’t take credit for the animation. These ladies are mostly artists and graphic designers. I saw it for the first time yesterday and I agree it is pretty damn cool.