Love the Unsplash add!

Adding Unsplash as an image source is so helpful, thanks so much guys!


Where do you see it :star_struck:, Erwin @erwblo ??? I can’t find it anywhere…

Through the Data editor

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Found it, thanks a lot, @Christophe_HK :+1:

Nice! We love this feature too :heart:

Can someone screenshot this? Or describe how to find it?

@Mr_Watkin! Here it is - you need to have a column with images, ->go to data editor and that’s where the magic will happen

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I wonder - how do you change a column to be an image column. I had to insert a reference to a picture before the column changed to ‘image’ - and thereafter unsplash could be used

I believe you answered your own question. Glide must do a search for an image and then enable the feature.

But I would expect to be Image as the name of the column to be enough.

What is the word for Image and Picture in Dutch? Or Pict or Img? Users could name a column with pictures anything they want, but the content of the column can be determined pretty easily.
Would you expect the Glide backend to have every possible translation of the word Image or Picture to do it based on the column name?

Would you expect users to understand that they first have to add add an image before they get the Unsplash option in other fields?

What is your suggestion on how to enable it?

I don’t know, I am a no code user, no no code builder, I see things that are a problem to me or are not logical in my opinion, that doesn’t necessary mean I have the solutions.

But name of the column and type of the column could be two different things, maybe? Use name for your local language or whatever you want and type for what kind of a column it is. Like you do when adding UI to the data.

Fair enough. I’m just pointing out that your suggestion on how Glide should “recognize” that a particular column has the potential to have images would not work, and the way it is implemented does. I totally agree that it isn’t intuitive to the end user to discover, but short of adding content definitions, which even true databases have but are pretty generic (integer, float, boolean, blob, date, etc.) there is no way to know except to actually look at the content. I guess the thought was that while developing the developer would put an image in that column as part of his testing and design, and that would trigger the Unsplash button.

Why couldn’t there be a future when you can say in the data layer / view of Glide what kind of data a column consist of since Glide is making that part more important over time?

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@George_B @erwblo Nice comments both of you. If Glide could recognize that images are in the column - that would be nice - and this is how it is does it today. But when there is no data in the column yet - that was actually what happened to me - then how could the user change the column in a way so it becomes an image column where unsplash can be used. Well, you have to put in a reference to a image in the column - and then Glide will allow unsplash to be used. Actually, I also had a reference to an image - stored in Gdrive - but such a link will not make Glide understand that it is actually an image.

@erwblo Naming the column ‘image’ will not do the job
For me it would be a natural thing to click on the icon on the column header and change to type “image” instead of what was default selected by Glide (text)

Agreed. I think it would be logical to do something like that in the Glide Data view.

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This is the plan.

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