Lost layout

is it normal that in properties when i change style between tiles and details and when I come back on tiles style, all my layout is over and i have to start all over ?
Sorry for my english but i’m french

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I am used to losing the layouts when changing styles. To me it’s always been that way. I’m not sure if that is right or wrong, but it’s just something to be aware of.

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Yes it is annoying. I think in stagging we can save stylebm variants from long time ago

I just added a switch to my page and moved it to On. I have no idea what happened, but I just lost 4-hours worth of work. There is no way to revert the change.

I think this is a great product but I’m going to have a hard time using it if I’m not sure whether I’m going to lose everything again.

The only real solution is to Duplicate it from every break-point. Not elegant.

@dmilleravid Google keeps a history of all changes to the sheet. It allows you to preview what changed and restore it, but I’d be careful using Google’s restore it you have made several changes to the sheet or app layouts since the point you want to restore. I personally run a script that creates a weekly backup of my sheet, so I always have it as of a certain point in time.

If simply adding a switch messed something up, I’m guessing that switch was attached to the wrong column. I can see the switch messing up 1 or 2 rows in your sheet, unless you flipped the switch in several rows.

I wasn’t clear … I added a Switch component to the Details style on my Tab layout. I then saw the switch on the UI and went to change it to the ON position - that’s when all hell broke loose. The tab style somehow changed to “List” from “Detail” and all the other components on my tab disappeared. I had to recreate the entire tab layout when I switched back to “Detail.”

I wasn’t talking about any changes in the Google sheet. I know all about reverting changes in a Google Sheet - the easiest way to revert something simple is Command-Z or Control-Z and that usually works for me. I would suggest a similar command to revert the last change in Glide. That may be very difficult to implement but would prevent huge issues (like accidentally changing a tab layout style, particularly on complicated tab implementations with different visibility setting for different components, etc.

That seems very unusual that the layout style changed when flipping the switch. My only thought is that the switch changed a column value that had some deeper internal link or relation for other parts of your app and things had to reload. Is there any chance you had the builder open in two different windows? I’ve never had the style just change like that in me.

Is there any way you could reproduce this? This should definitely not happen.

@Mark @Jeff_Hager I think there should be an Undo / Redo changes button in the settings tab so as to solve this particular issue and also maybe a version history.
I can add this to the feature request category too.

Yes, undo is becoming more and more important. We’re thinking about it. Thank you for the feedback!


Me too. I accidentally changed from detail to tile. I did it for 2 days and it gone in a second.

How can we get it back?

Sorry @Tahcmos, I think it’s gone. I agree, some sort of warning would be nice before changing a style or if the layout would be saved for each style.

Thanks for your answer. Now I try to duplicate app instead.

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This will be fixed soon. Apologies for this issue.


Looks like they are releasing an update:

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Some time has passed since the last post on the subject but I have the same proplem -
I adjusted the layout in TILES and achieved what I wanted.

I then looked at the settings in DETAILS - did not change anything.
When I returned to TILES the settings had all gone.
The same happens in LIST and COMPACT
Also as I intend to have COMPACT as the openeing screen on the App, is there anyway I can have a graphic (Logo) at the top like we can in the DETAILS display?


I don’t think it should have done that. It should have saved most of the settings, but did you try using the undo button to undo you’re changes?

You can have a logo at the top. Just use the details layout, then add your image and an inline list. You will probably need another sheet to hold your image and to use for the tab.

Ok thank you for the reply
I didn’t use the undo button.
I’ll have a look at using an inline list in a details page but will that then link to another details tab to see the individuals details.
I’ll have a go on Monday.

Yep. It’ll work how you expect it to. Just like using a list style layout.