Lookup using multiple columns

Hi there, new to Glide,

I have a “transactions” table here, and based on the Insurer and Policy, I would like to pull the corresponding commission rate from the “insurer and policy” table.

Basically it’s a lookup with multiple columns but I can’t seem to get it to work. Appreciate the help!

This is the insurer and policy table, and you can see that depending on the insurer and policy, commission is different

This is the transactions table where I want to pull in the commission rate based on the 2 columns

Also, as an aside, what is little blue icon thing on my clients table and what does it do?

Thank you!

  • In your Transactions table, create a Query column that targets the Insurer & Policy table, and apply the following filters:
    – Insurer is This row->Insurer
    – Policy Type is This row->Policy Type
  • Add a Single Value column that takes the first commission rate from the Query.

The blue icon on your Clients table indicates that it is configured as your User Profiles table.

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Hi @Darren_Murphy, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was banging my head at 2am for this.

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