Looks like Set Columns doesn't work in ADDFORM

Found today that “Set Columns” doesn’t want to change columns in my Googlesheet when I use it when creating “New Action” in ADD FORM.
Is this a bug or am I missing the logic?

Can you provide some more information? Where are you trying to change a value? Is it on the row you just added, or on a different row in a different sheet? Can you share some screenshots showing how your action is set up and what you expect it to do?

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Task: the column contains the names of the goods. They cannot be repeated.
When entering a new name (using ADD FORM), I need to check if the correct value is entered into the newly entered text field and, if not correct, then issue an error message and replace the field with the correct one. The same sheet, the same row. Analogue of IFTHENELSE.
The error messages are working correctly, i.e. I find duplicates correctly, however, the Set columns function does not change the value of the cell.


The value just entered does not change even if you directly specify what and how to change.

Seems like the expected behaviour here is to write the “New NAME” value to your first column in the newly created row but it doesn’t work. If that’s the case, I think it’s a bug.

An alternative for the time being is use text entry components with a default value, then hide them using a condition that will never be true.

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Thanks for the idea, but it won’t work.
The default value cannot be used in my case, since the task is to make ALL values different.
I will keep looking for another way, but I hope the guys at Glide will take my note to work for this year)

But what is the logic you want for that column where you want that? Is there a set of values that can be passed to that column, or a unique ID will do?

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My task is to make the formula work: if NAME is correct (does not exist), then NAME else NAME:= NAME_01 etc.
But today it is impossible even to simply change the value without any formulas.

Assuming your form isn’t too complicated, you can redo that with a custom form, writing the inputs into user-specific columns, checks for the condition and write the correct “Name” to the destination sheet using an add row action.

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i have same problem when setting column from relation… i never had problem with that before…

Thanks for the idea. It’s bad that I’m forced to look for some ways instead of just working the desired function.

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I just had a similar case: I wanted to write with a “set column”-action to a row, which is added through a form in the same instance, if the user didn’t fill in the same column.

It looks like that Glide does not allow users to write to the same column in the same instance twice (through different means: fill in form & set column).

So, imho: no bug, but limited functionality.

You will need to work with additional columns.
I see the following options for additional columns in your case:

  • use rowIDs, which are unique per se.
  • for checking uniqueness: relate your name-column to itself + lookup rowID through that relation + if then else column to compare both rowID columns.
  • use math or template columns to make names unique.

I hope that helps

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Reading your comment, I think this is limited because the actions don’t run sequentially, or they do actually run sequentially but does not give big enough of a “buffer” time so your set column action can kick in. I have seen various problems regarding set columns in a form environment, less so when I do my custom form and use an add row action.


I think this is exactly what is causing the problem.

Thanks to everyone who responded!

Thanks for the help.
I have already solved my question. I just didn’t implement what didn’t work right away))