Looking to create Invoice

We are building a sales app.

We are looking to build a system to send Invoices to our clients through app.

Please help.

You can take help of zapier integration with pdf creation tool.

Zapier will be a problem because we have more than 12 unique value to export.

Google sheets have quite a few extensions that help create documents/invoices… You could try those. Add a trigger on sheets to generate the invoice which is then accessible through the app.

Hi @Adviuz

Your question is quite vague “please help” so it’s difficult to understand what specific help you need?

We are probably all going to be guessing what help you need, so tell us :thinking:

What work or research have you done so far to build this in your app yourself?

What is your preferred method of invoice creation? Word, pdf etc etc?

How many data fields are there?

Perhaps you best route is glide experts


Have you looked at Integromat?

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What is your preferred method of invoice creation? Word, pdf etc etc?
It should be PDF. System should be in such a way when we click generate invoice in app, it should send pdf copy to client and also save a copy in Google Drive

How many data fields are there?

They are many options to tackle this, here is one suggestion

So you could get zapier to look for new rows on your google sheet (rather than use the zapier trigger in glide which limits to 12 items)

Create a new pdf using something like https://www.pdfmonkey.io/

Send the final pdf to email and save it somewhere using zapier

There is likely to be a cost involved so you need to research this further.

As mentioned above if you feel confident enough look into using integromat as opposed to zapier for your automation.


You can also use this method but instead of converting to a text just use the email column.

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