Create Invoice PDF Using Integromat/Make and Text Format

Hey, guys!

I’m currently on an endeavour to replicate my Glide’s Tabs into PDF so my clients can export it and send to their clients.
So far, so good: I learned how to use Integromat/Make and how to manipulate Google Docs and Drive to send data via webhook and get a nice looking PDF document.

But now for the invoice I’m kinda stuck. I have been reading everything I could find here in our community and learned that I should make a joined list with all the values (texts) I need to have in my invoice, ok. But there are two major things that I’m not able to wrap my head around:

  1. how to make it look like a table; and

  2. how to format parts of my text to bold, for example.

Here is how my Glide’s Tab look like. I could really use some of your ideas!

Thanks in advance

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I would suggest using the DocsAutomator or PDFMonkey directly, they provide you with nice ways to do what you’re trying to do, as long as you’re able to craft up a template.

@Rupert can assist you further, he’s DocsAutomator’s founder.


Thanks for the mention @ThinhDinh! :slight_smile:

@Werther Let me know if I can help!

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You could always export it as a csv and have it run through a Zap to print, if that works?

How do you keep the format though?

Csv files can easily be made into tables, right?

I mean once you have already exported it as CSV, what would you do next to print it and keep the same format as the screen he showed above?

Hey, Thin.

Thanks for the tips, but I’m already paying Make/Integromat plans. Because of that I couldn’t afford one more license.
I have tried to work with PDF Monkey before, but I got stuck when trying to create a teamplate using HTML/CSS. That’s exactly why I started using Make+Google Docs, crafting templates in Word style is very easy.
For textual documents it works just fine, too bad I can’t find a way to make this table style right now.

Have you checked this? Still requires building a template, but it’s free.