I'm stuck creating an invoice, Integromat (Make) / PDF

Hi and greetings from the Netherlands!

I am stuck creating an invoice in combination with Intergomat (Make) and ZoHo Invoice.

The intention is to make an invoice with different “LineItems”, so; more than 1 (in my case) products on one invoice. Creating the invoice with only 1 product or service is a piece of cake. However, in my case several products and services have to be placed on one invoice. Those products should then be listed under each other as usual on an invoice.

After a lot of testing and trying I wrote to ZoHo and asked them for support. Their answer, after 3 days, was “it can’t be done with ZoHo Invoice; we don’t have a solution”. I find that hard to believe as it is the most natural thing in the world to create an invoice for more than 1 item or service, but okay…

Now my question: Does anyone have experience with this (especially in combination with ZoHo Invoice? Or does anyone have other suggestions for (and experience with) another service similar to ZoHo Invoice?

I understand that I can of course easily create a pdf with “lineitems” with, for example, PDF monkey or Eledo PDF, but the advantage of ZoHo, for example, is that it can actually handle the entire further process; credit notes, reminders, customer portal etc etc etc…and that for free! :grin:

Regards and thank you in advance,

I would have recommended this. It’s weird that an invoice system doesn’t support multiple lines.

What are their “inputs” for an invoice to be created?

Hi ThinhDinh,
Thanks for your reply.

Well, to be honest they are not very helpful at ZoHo.
It is of course only a free service.

So my answer has te be; i don’t know.
Regards, Ronald

Hi @Ronald

I have never worked with Zoho Invoice, however there seems to be an API that supports HTTP requests and there is an endpoint that will create an invoice, apparently with multiple line items:


This would suggest that one could hit Make with a web hook from Glide, then invoke the “Create Invoice” API call directly from there. Certainly food for thought.



Thanks Mark,

I’m going to study your suggestion.
Thanks again!

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I use Invoice Generator API and its free

“Creating the invoice with only 1 product or service is a piece of cake”

Can you tell me how to do this easily by steps?


Hi Manikandan,

I created in Glide a webhook in combination with Integromat (Make).
In the webhook i grab the data i need to "export including my product data, customer data and a invoice number.
Now, connect the glide webhook (in Integromat) to a module. I my case i use Eledo PDF for that. (off course you’ve have to setup your Eledo PDF account including a template).

If all done; my pdf is created. Now i’ll export it to my google drive with the appropriate module in Integromat for later use and in my case i’ll upload my pdf file back to Glide with a http request.

That’s all.

…But Maybe the suggestions from Uzo or Moe_A are better! I’ll didn’t have time to do some research.

Regards, Ronald

Thank you for your valued suggestion, Moe_A

I’m going to look at it!

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Thank you looking good, Uzo.
Moe_A already made a similar suggestion.

Thank you for your input! I’m going to look at it!

Did you consider this workaround?


Hi Simon
Thanks for your reply but your link isn’t working. It’s private?

This looks like the right way to do it. I use PDFMonkey and the process is the same. I wish we have a way to upload files to Glide through the API instead of having to use Drive, though.

Apologies, try this link:

Hey Ronald,

Our agency uses Apps Script to make changes in a pre-defined template. We also have a script to send invoices as well! Let me know if any help is required with respect to Apps Scripts.

We also use the glide table API to set the PDF link against invoices as well. So whichever method(Google Sheets+Apps Script or Webhook + Glide Tables) you feel comfortable can be achieved.