Looking for help for tracking milage

Hi, I have a Dosage Tracker that works fanatic for taking meds. I wanted to create a milage tracker to keep track of my miles for my new trike. I need to keep track so I know when to recharge the battery. I modified the Dosage Tracker and made a crude Mileage Tracker. It kind of works but I really need it do work better if anyone is willing to help me.

To be honest, Glide might not be the best fit for you if you’re looking for something automated because Glide can’t track mileage “as the wolf runs”—only “as the crow flies”, so your mileage won’t be accurate unless you type it in manually.

If you’re okay with typing the mileage in manually, then I’ll continue with a recommendation.


I published a Mileage Tracker for Vehicles to the Template Store last week, but it’s not been posted yet. I used Glide’s new “Publish Template Privately” to get this link to the template.

You can modify it for Bikes, and there’s things you don’t need like flags for Diesel and Litres. But it’s a start – and as @Robert_Petitto said, you have to plug in the miles by hand, but it already allows for tenths of a mile…

Thank you. I’ll take a look at what David has and see if that works. I understand that I have to plug in values. I’m good with that. What I was thinking was have some pre-made buttons for recurring things. The ability to tap choices for dropdown and such and like, wen I key in the miles, it will keep a running total until I recharge my trike. I’ll take a look at David’s right quick. Thanks for the response.

Yes, I understand that I need to key in the mileage myself. I was just hoping for a few things like dropdown with choices and a running total until I recharge and such. I know the distance between the places I go so if I go to 3 places, it could add up the values that I already know, for example. I’ll take a look at what you have right quick. Thank you.

David, I saw what you have. I have an electric trike that has front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive. (FWD, RWD, and AWD). I have a Lithium Battery and a Lead Acid Battery as backup. I will be switching that out for another Lithium Battery soon I think. The Li battery has no measurement of how much juice is left so I have to go by miles. The one I have will get me 10.5 miles per charge and I’m looking one that will double that. So, I want to keep track of all my variables because I want to see what difference they have on battery life. Like if I go to my doctor 3 times and one time, I drive in AWD and the other times in RWD, I want to have a dropdown where I can choose that option. Also I want a place that I can key in how fast (average) I went. I have a speed app that tracks my speed. So, I would take that average and plug it in manually. I can show you my Dosage Tacker. I like how I can add pills to the list and their value. I can delete entries if I want. I have an area for notes. So, what I would like is to choose the time and date, choose from the dropdown whether its AWD, FWD, or RWD. I can also choose from a drop down of my destination that I already know the distance or I cold plug in a misc destination and add in the miles. After that, I could keep track of the time it took me to go from point a to point b. After inputing the data, I would then want to see the general trip outline on the main page with a running total at the top.The running total; would reset after a new charge which I would choose “New Charge” somewhere on the input screen and that would start a new running total. I’m going to share my Dosage Tracker so that you have an idea of how I like to input data and view it. I do like the options on it.

here is my dosage tracker. I like the inputs, the view and such.I just don’t know how to modify it to fit what I want/need.


Well, starting from that, your list of medicines could become “trips” with known mileage/usage information.

Also, as you indicated, you’d want to be able to enter new trips with formerly unknown usage information.

You would still need a log (with a date/time stamp) of when you took the trip. You could add a button to the “trips” screen “record this trip” which could automatically log an entry for you, and you could have a screen that allows you also manually to enter a log.

Then you’d use @ThinhDinh’s method of calculating a running total of the mileage/usage information to determine when to charge the battery: Running Totals - #2 by ThinhDinh

That said, you’'d need to modify the running total only to assess rows that had only accumulated since the last charge.

That would be the basics, I think.

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that sounds about right. The thing is that I don’t know how to do any of that. Would you be willing to help me?

Sure; I and the other community members are always here to answer specific questions. But I’m currently not available to completely write an app.

Anybody willing to help me modify my Dosage Tracker to make it into a Mileage Tacker?