Looking for a recurring Task/To-do template

Hi Gliders,

I am looking for a recurring Task/To-Do template.
I am working on a new project and want to know how to do this.
There are a lot of templates, but I am not sure which is suitable for me.
Maybe someone can tell me which one is good.
Because I am still new to Glide Apps, I want to look at the template and see how they did some things, so I have some idea.

The thing I am looking for is that once that task or to-do is finished for that day, it will reset, so the next day you can do them again.
Right now, I am not sure if I also would like to keep a record of things, but maybe it is something to think about for later.

Thanks in advance for all your tips and help.

record the date and user email when they start doing the task…
if all users are sign-in users… you can use a USC column… if not… you need to record all events with visitors navigator info

So far, I will be the only user to use it.
Maybe later there will be others, but I want to build it up slowly. :slight_smile:

just make visibility based on the timestamp, if is on the same day as today, do not show

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This is not a template, but in this video I cover the part of recurring tasks. Basically, you achieve that with integromat on the back end.