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Hello from Seattle,

I’ve been developing glideapps for about a year-and-a-half now for a landscapping company while I work on my master’s in aerospace. I’m pretty tech-savvy and have been helping myself along using the wonderful forum here, and google scripts to fill in for glide functionality that’s still in the works. Feel free to hit me up with questions about space, rockets, or getting glide to do things it doesn’t want to do (yet)!



Welcome Gabe! Let us know if you need anything!

Welcome to the family!

will the international space station be wiped out by space dust eventually?


Good question! Space dust probably won’t ever get the chance, since the Earth and its atmosphere does a good job of cleaning up (deorbiting) the ambient dust in its vicinity (about 40,000 tonnes per year). Space debris would have a good shot at it, but we’re (so far) pretty good at moving the station to avoid the big pieces. The biggest threat to the ISS, if it were left completely alone, however is just atmospheric drag. Presently, we give the station a boost with a rocket every couple of months to keep it where it’s at. If it were left completely alone, it would probably last just over a year before drag deorbited it.


Welcome from the Glide Team, @gwthmpsn :rocket:

Welcome to our galaxy! :wink:

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