Login screen broken on iphone

You’ve reproduced it @SantiagoPerez : White stripe on the top. Initially, Glide can appear on full screen.

Are you using the Bold(dark) theme?
From iPhone, I did not find any red gaps below.
Incidentally, my iPhone has successfully upgraded to iOS 15.2.1 but has not succeeded in removing the white strip on the top

This is another issue, thanks for pointing it out though.

I was actually trying to reproduce the keyboard disappearing.

As for the white bar on top, I’ll make some test as I’m thinking it may be related to the position of the search bar.


Well! Now I can’t see the gap on the top. I’ll keep trying.

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This is a definite problem. The strip at the top of my iPhone (where all the battery time and signal icons are) stays white after you have turned on night mode. This has been like happening for a while now. Usually have to clear cache and even then that doesn’t always fix it. But a bigger issue is the invisible keyboard. Could it possibly be related to the iOS update and older iPhones? It never happened before.

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Ok so I found a couple interesting things. First I added your app to Home Screen and the first time I opened I had no keyboard. Not good!

Then when I opened it in safari the keyboard worked but it had the white strip at the top. Also not good!

Then just playing around with the task switcher and coming back to your app I got the gap at the bottom. Because why not?!

All three bugs reproduced in about 90 seconds

iPhone 13 pro max 15.1.1

I’m fairly convinced the gap at the bottom and white strip at the top is caused by the repositioning of the navigation bar to the bottom of safari.


@Eric_Penn Thank you so much for testing and reporting these issues. Can you try to upgrade your iOS to the latest and see if the bugs are still there? :pray::pray::pray:

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What version of iOS do you run? Thanks for your help :pray::pray::pray:

My iOS is 15.1
I’ll update later and let you know if anything changes.

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Here’s another app where it happens @SantiagoPerez not hard to reproduce at all. Just create an app, add a login screen. Do it on iPhone 15.1.1 or above, on safari. Why is it that only Glide devs can’t reproduce this issue?


Hello everyone,

This is an issue with your iOS device. It also happens while sending an iMessage.

The workaround is to restart your device when this happens.

Here’s a discussion about it.


@SantiagoPerez we’ve been saying since November that this is probably an iOS issue, so of course, we are not surprised.

FYI I’ve never had this problem with iMessage, ever.

Restarting the device is not a valid workaround. I’ve restarted my device on several occasions and the problems still persist.

Is there any chance Glide is going to work on its own workarounds so that our keyboards appear and apps look beautiful?


should we expect to wait for Apple to fix it?

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Looks like I found the source of the problem.
The behavior will be different if you move the switch from Allow website tinting in Safari settings. (Comparison with my app and FABx app). Please check with other apps.

My app demands that the button is on, as opposed to FABx

You need to restart it. I’m not too sure…


Thank you for this, I tried it but I still have the issue :slight_smile:

I have installed update. No disappearing keyboard issues as yet, will test over few days as the issue has been random/intermittant. Will reply after a few days of testing🤙

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What we know so far:

  1. This happens in Safari only, iOS only
  2. Version of iOS is 15.1.1 or higher
  3. This is a bug with the iOS and not Glide

Who knows when Apple is going to fix this, so I would like to urge the Glide team to figure out a temp solution for this, other wise all the apps with login are deemed useless since Safari is the default browser. @SantiagoPerez

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Yes, it’s really weird. Last night I tried opening one app and couldn’t reproduce it again if the tinting button was shifted.
But that situation can only happen if I open two applications at the same time as if moving the keyboard from which the application will appear (happens for all entries).
This may be just an approach to detecting the source of the problem, not a solution. Even I had time to get the appearance of the keyboard without the Done button also cannot be reproduced again.


Thank you so much for your efforts. It did give me a good direction to investigate!

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I’ve just updated to iOS 15.3 and the white strip at the top is still present. @SuperMerabh I haven’t seen the keyboard disappear yet but it’s only been a few hrs of testing. I will keep you informed.

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