Log which user turned on a switch?

First time caller, long time listener.

I’ve been hearing about Glide from the nice people at visualdev.fm. I’m a Bubble.io user so I know enough development to be dangerous (mostly to myself). I’ve gone through all the Glide tutorial videos and some other ones from Makerpad.co.

But I still haven’t figured out how to do this. Dear Glide Hive-Mind, could you help me out?

Put simply the flow is:

  • there is a list of Stuff
  • users can browse this list of Stuff
  • a user can pick a Stuff (by flipping a switch, or something like that)

How does Glide log who flipped the switch? What about favorites?

Add the switch instead to a form button. Entries get saved to a new sheet. Then, do a relation between the two sheets possibly via stuff name.

Here’s how I just solved this for a different user:
Individual progression bar


I just let out a long and audible “ohhhh…”.
You just made this rabbit hole even deeper.

FYI: I was adding a Form Button and just not understanding where I could put a switch inside of it. Now, when I clicked on it, [insert Homer Simpson “Duh!”] I now understand what you mean.

Wow… alright, another sleepless night coming up. The good type of sleepless. Thank you.

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I hear you…once I have an idea for something, I want to see it to completion…regardless of what time it is!