Good evening, a query how many times you can use the location option in the Pro version and in the Free version

I don’t know if I’m wrong but I understand that there is a restriction on the use of the location, it’s not the pins, I mean the use of location

Pro apps shouldn’t have a restriction…if there is it’s something astronomical like 10000 calls per month.

I think the location component doesn’t have any restrictions because it gets coordinates directly from the user’s device and doesn’t need to geocode anything. It’s just a set of latitude and longitude coords and should not be using any outside services.

What you do with those coordinates may or may not lead to some restrictions, but it depends on what you are doing with them.

When you really start to run into restrictions, is when you have addresses that need to be geocoded into coordinates to use for calculating distance or showing on a map. That’s a service that I believe Glide has to pay for, so they put limits on that geocoding.