Location (User) Specific Information

So I’ve been meddling around with specifications a bit, but at the moment I’m just chasing circles doing 100 things at one, so I need a little input. I built a spreadsheet for my work, but I’m trying to figure out how to fully implement this into a user specific “log” of sorts.

The basic layout is this:
Financing company-
1-District has multiple locations
2-Each location has a store manager or interm-store manager and a variable number of employees
3-Each store also has a single vendor to service
4-Said vendor has a variable number of sales reps
5-Each sales rep has sales/orders which they turn over to us to financing
6-Each order has several internal services that can be attached to the order
7-Each store has its own specific order quantity and volume goals set by the management each month
8-Each employee converting an order for the vendor/sales rep has a “quota” of services they much attach to orders

If need be I can attach a copy of my sheet for an idea as to what I’m setting up.

The way my sheet is setup, is when an order is converted, the date, customers name, employee that converted the order, the sales rep that turned it over to us, 3 individual “services” (answered yes or no), and the order volume is filled out, and totals are automatically generated and create a breakdown of the data.
Ex: How many orders each employee converted and how many of those orders included “services”, broken down by employee and store totals.
How many sales and how much volume each sales rep has turned over to us, and a vendor total.
Both being broken down by monthly, weekly, daily, and the ability to filter totals based on date ranges.

The idea, is to take this and turn separate sheets for each individual store, and turn it into one hub. Each store being able to login to only their very specific information. The problem I’m seeming to have, is figuring out how to configure these columns into “slices” for each store.

By no means am I wanting someone to “do it for me”. Rather just some general ideas on how to go about creating it. My projects tend to morph and evolve over time, so I’d rather know how to do it myself, but a general direction on how to approach would be helpful.

can you share your sheet pls

Not a problem, here’s a link to an example copy. All the calculations are functioning as they should, but ideally, I need to turn this one sheet, into multiple with each user having access to their own

Thank you very much.

Here is a simple example of adding your data into a sheet. Then you can copy your formulas as you populate your data