Row Owner for Business-Specific Data?

Hi, experts. I’ve nearly finished setting up the basic functionality of my first app and am starting to learn how to set up users. I have a general question about business-specific data and couldn’t find the answer.

My app is drink recipe/bar operations app. Very simple usage for now with a simple hierarchy: a Manager will add recipes, shift tasks, etc. Aside from user profile and a few task complete Booleans, Employees will only read data.

My hope is to onboard multiple bars/restaurants to this app, but I’m unsure of how all the data that’s specific to each business is sorted. My assumption is to set it up so that upon a Manager submitting a new recipe, the Row Owner for that recipe will be an array of all current employee emails?

Is that the correct method or is there a better way? Perhaps something at the restaurant/parent level?

Thanks for the information.

You could also use Roles to segment by restaurant.

Exactly where I needed to look. Thank you, David.


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