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Jeff, there are ways to do this within Google Sheets.

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How would a google sheet have knowledge of a current dynamic location of an active glide app user in real time?

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Tracking cars

Because the app is a PWA pretty much.

Care to elaborate? Based, on those API’s you shared, they only locate based on IP, which can be somewhat broad in area (in some cases, my IP registers as 3 states away) and in any case, there is no glide functionality to obtain a user’s IP address. That aside, if you use an API to obtain coordinates through the new API column, or simply use the location component to obtain accurate GPS coordinates, it still requires action from the user to take the coordinates (stored locally) and physically write them to the sheet. I guess my question still is, how is a google sheet aware of an app user’s physical real time location (like Glympse) without any action from the user? As far as I’m concerned, a Glide app is not aware of a google sheet at all, since it is in direct communication with Glide’s servers and internal database. It’s the internal glide database on the server that then syncs with the google sheet. There is no direct connection between app and google sheet.


Those were examples, not ones I use, but those as you mentioned are based on IP addresses that triangulate with a cell phone tower and whenever you leave that towers range you are provided a new ip. Those towers depending on where you live and the type of service provided are within 10 to 20 miles of each other as far as radius. When it comes to congested cities they are even closer meaning you could pinpoint within a 3 mile radius.

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I understand how triangulation from towers works, but that still doesn’t explain how a glide database or google sheet can see and track the real time location of every app user as it relates to a glide app.

How could I as an app user see the location of another app user in real time using scripts as you described?


@Jeff_Hager Jeff, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Ok, so something like the IPSTACK API for example, you just plugin the api to your google sheets and it references your site. So for example I plug this into my google sheets and it references rupturebrain.com. That gives me all the ip addresses of everyone that is accessing my site (which in this scenario would be the site I am hosting my Glide App from). That api has commands that we all know just pulls into sheets. As soon as someone logs into my site/glide app it pulls the ip, at the same time when someone logs into the glide app I run a simple script that ties the 2 together. Last instance of each are now one. I now know who is where :slight_smile:


But, because this may be too hard for people to do themselves I am building a way to do this directly in Glide using webview. Now at the same token some website hosting companies will provide you with those ip addresses directly in real time and you just need to tie that together. Google Analytics does not do this and they provide you with a User_ID, it can be done in the same manner with the user id it is just a little harder.


Is there a way to have background location tracking (all this with the user’s permission, similar to life360)?

Is there a way to sort your locations with near by locations?

If I understand it right Glide always have user’s location if they enable the location tracking, that’s the way they calculate the distance column.

However if devs want to use that location in a map, for example showing current location of multiple users, then the users have to write that to the Sheet using a location component.

You can use a distance column and sort by distance from lowest to highest.

did you know how to setup this api to glide ?

Thank you that did it, :slight_smile:

Question is there anyway to write that Component thing within the Map?

Like when you click on this? image Maybe a custom pop up? Do you want to update your location for everyone?

We don’t have an action for that yet.

Is there a way to make this location component required? It’s for an errand booking app I am creating and without the coordinates, a rider won’t find his customer

Can you elaborate on this? How do I take the values from the distance column and sort them? I want to set up my maps to only show the three nearest locations and am not able to figure out how I can create a sort column inside the glide table.

If you have the distance column set up already, you can just sort the inline list component ascendingly by that distance value, and limit the number of items to 3.



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Works perfectly. Thankyou!

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