Location Component in a screen

How often does the location component update the data if its on a screen.

I have it in a form which makes it safe to update once.

But i would like to add it on a screen.
Turn it on… and a user scans an item, just click on save current location button without opening a form.

How often would it be updating my data and consuming updates if its on all the time user is on the app?

It updates your location every few seconds if you have it turned on and you are on a detail screen.

If the user is signed in, then I suspect that it would count an update every few seconds, but I have never tried it.

If the user is not signed in and the location component is attached to a user specific column, then I don’t think it counts any updates, but will still continue to update a user’s location every few seconds.

I’ve been really curious for someone to try this when they are signed in to their app. I’ve done it several times when not signed in to show my current location on a map, but never while signed in because I just assume that it would eat up a lot updates.

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yes that is what i expect as well… would be nice if we had someone from Glide confirm or if we had an option to set a timer for the component to capture location.

I think it would be a really simple test. Just add it to a screen, turn it on for a few minutes, and then see how many updates have been applied. Just make sure to do it on a published app and not in the builder. That way updates are actually counted.

An adjustable timer would make sense, but I don’t think the location component was ever intended for real time tracking. I think it was meant for one time use, such as in a form. I don’t know… I’m actually surprised that glide changed it to continuously update the location instead of getting it once and sticking until you turn it off and on again.

I tried the test multiple times. Its hard to understand what the update consumption is. I don’t see updates counted live on my dashboard when using the app from my mobile in a clear way.

Usually, I only use it inside forms, but there are certain situations i’d like to try it outside for example

  1. I have a screen where there is a scanner component to scan multiple items. I want to place the location component there to update the live location of every scanned item. ( i prefer not to put that scanner component in the edit screen but will look into that)

  2. I have a form where you edit an item including setting the location of that item. If I use the location component on a column in the row, i cannot place a map that shows the live change in location. So i connect the location component to a user specific - user profile column. (so that means it will be consuming updates since that column is not part of the row being edited in the form)
    but that way the map component updates the coordinates which makes it nice UI for the user to see the coordinates they are setting for the item.

sorry @Jeff_Hager for the excess location questions today

My understanding is that anytime a value is updated and stored in a table (actually written or updated in the table on Glide’s server), then it’s going to count as an update. I’m not aware of any exception to that rule. So my understanding is that using the location component on a detail screen, or connecting it directly to the user profile from within a form, is still going to count updates. I’m not sure how often the update count would increment, but I would assume that it is affected.

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I have realized that the location component on a screen turns off a few seconds after the current location has been saved .

do you think this is a new update?
It means that the location can only cost 1 update but it also means that live location cannot be tracked unless the user turns the location on every time they want to allow tracking

has anyone realized this?

Edited: actually only in the editor… in the app it doesn’t turn off & does really consume updates fast


is the location component now free? & safe to use on any screen or turn on for a long time?