Location accuracy

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Just a quick query re Location Component. I seem to be getting mixed results in relation to the accuracy of submitted data. It’s not massive but it could be up to 200 meters from where the actual data was submitted.

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That can depend on a lot of things.

  • What is the device using to establish location?
    • GPS
    • Cell triangulation
    • Wifi

It could be using a method that’s not 100% accurate, such as Cell or Wifi, or the GPS hasn’t had enough time to narrow down an accurate location before it’s obtained by the location component. Accuracy can vary based on several factors.

Based on it being as much as 200 meters, my first guess would be that cell or wifi are being used to establish a location. I would make sure that not only location is enabled, but also that GPS is enabled and set to use fine detail instead of coarse detail.


Many thanks @Jeff_Hager . So I’m asking users to submit their location using the location component so it’ll be device dependent. Most likely cell data. The issue seems to be occuring in less densely populated areas.

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