Localization not toggling?


I have been getting complaints that the toggle upon “use my current location” will not move. This is on a FORM. It works on my phone and in the editor.

The form cannot be used because the toggle wont work. this is for the use my current location component.

it doesnt event toggle?

Has the user disabled location services for the app url, or the browser, or on the entire device?

Thanks Jeff! I’ll ask however, wouldnt the toggle work either way?

The settings are not blocked. they are set to “Ask”

Is it possible that they maybe clicked on deny on the popup for your specific app? Or maybe location is turned off for the whole device?

Here’s some info for checking the site settings:

I’m not familiar with IOS, so maybe somebody else could chime in. I believe any website or app has to respect the settings on the device or browser and can’t override them due to the location switch in the app being switched.

Thanks Jeff, we are looking…hard to believe no one else has seen this?

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OK - looks like it is still NOT submitting. Just an FYI, have screenshots showing the website settings are all “ASK” . It is just ask? When I utilize the toggle, i dont get a pop-up asking me? Does anyone? Do other people have this issue - or maybe they don’t know?

Also…the location symbol upper left IS showing in his app?

any thoughts here?

@JT75 Can you share your app and tell me how to reproduce this?

Does this happen for every user, always?

sent to your email. i dont know how to reproduce but it still is happening with one of my users

@Mark any luck?

I’m not sure I can help much if you can’t reproduce. Can you tell me what exactly the flow is to get to the screen where that happens? Please PM me here.

sorry i missed this…the flow, log in, onboard, make a selection or a bet with free chicken…

and then you have to submit with the location…this is where…and its safari and set to ask…

also - getting this - on older safari users…complete blank screen!!
feel like there are bugs with safari?

I am on version Version 12.1 (14607.

just changed all settings and still getting this white screen…

This is happening to a lot of apps - looks like an outage. Critical Issue - App Outage - Login timing out for all my apps in Northeast US

I’m pretty sure that’s because the user’s browser either doesn’t support location or refuses to give Glide the location, because of some setting.

We might want to give feedback to the user in that case so it doesn’t look like the app is broken.

Thanks…it finally came through today…BUT it did not load…it just seems to be terribly slow.

And if it is some setting, wouldn’t you have some documentation on this? Iphone - Safari?

I would love to be able to give them some troubleshooting!

We’re working on giving the user feedback when Glide can’t get the location from the browser.

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