Editing the location component

I received feedback from a user and watched him struggle to click the switch on the location component. Ideally I could change the location switch to a button since the toggle doesn’t work well. If that is not possible then at the very least I’ll need to make the toggle much bigger to reduce frustration. Does anyone know how to do this or have any tips?

Another idea: it wouldn’t be the worst if the user gives consent using the toggle when the app is first opened as long as they don’t have to continuously do it every time they want to report something.

Are they trying to actually slide the switch? All they have to do it tap it. And actually, they can tap anywhere across the whole width of the component. The Don’t have to touch the actual switch.

Hey Jeff, thanks for the reply! Unfortunately it didn’t work well at all. I watched him try it several times. These are truck drivers with rough hands. Yes, he tried tapping it a bunch of times, then sliding it, and eventually was able to get it, but all my components have to be really big and easy to tap. It works just fine every time I try it - but I don’t know why rougher? drier? larger? hands don’t work well :woman_shrugging:


Same happened to me, updated my iphone settings to allow location for safari app. Then i could slide… but the funny part i cannot catch the location… its blank

try updating the safari app settings to access location on his phone if iphone.