Load a page with 17'000 items in a app is very slow

I have an events application, this one gathers around 15k to 17,000 events. The problem is that in the “events” page where I let people use their filters etc. this page never loads or has such a slow speed that the person would have had time to go make 10 coffees .

Shouldn’t there be an option to block all items from loading? For example the page have 10 items, why wouldn’t it load 10 by 10 so that it goes super fast?

Is this a Classic App? I know you can do pagination in an App (Pages), but I don’t know if it keeps everything from loading.

It doesn’t, unless the source is a Big Table.

@Carter - have you considered moving this data into a Big Table? Sounds like an ideal use case…

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Oh, nice to know… can we use Big Table with Google Sheet ?

I mean: Can we connect Big Table with Our Google Sheet, maybe Api or i dont know ? Integration maybe.

No. Big Tables are native Glide Tables.
You can use them in the same App as Google Sheets, but the source of a Big Table cannot be a Google Sheet.

And did you know If we can connect with API ?

Yes, absolutely.

In fact, you get extra API options with Big Tables - you can filter the Get Rows call with SQL type syntax.


Thanks a lot ! Because it’s actually unusable at the moment, app was too slow. So i gonna Make the change.


Be sure to familiarise yourself with the limitations of Big Tables. There are some things that cannot be done, so you should check that before jumping in. Let me know if you have any questions.


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