Little help!

Hello everyone, I’ve created an app whose Part of the content changes according to the day. So far it is working wonderfully. Only thing is that I have to reload sheets every day or night after 12AM. I am not ready to go pro so, is there any way I can make it reload automatically without having to get up after 12AM to do it myself? Remember, I am not ready to go pro at the moment.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Santiago_Perez1,

Thanks for writing in. Pro apps refresh in the background so formulas like NOW() and IMPORTRANGE() update regularly. At this time, unless you have upgraded to Pro apps, you’ll need to continue to reload content manually.

I’m at your disposal should you have any further questions.

Many thanks,


Thanks Tom!

My pleasure. Wishing you and yours a happy Friday :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, if you change any data within the app, such as edit a record, or submit a form, that should refresh the data from the sheet. That might save you a little bit of headache by having to open the builder and clicking the reload button.

I might try something like this.

Thank you!

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