Lists in forms clears content

I have no idea if this is a big deal to anyone other than me, but something changed in glide and now a feature I used to really need in my app is not usable. I used to have some List Relation components in some of my forms. It was important for my app since mine is a content creation platform and part of the content submission process involves attributing other content on the platform. Providing a relational list of that other content allows users to quickly browse that other content to refresh themselves, and if they’ve favorited certain content those lists are even more helpful because users can bookmark certain content they want to attribute and they can review it during that submission procress.

This used to work beautifully… and then one day, Glide updated and now if you click on a List Relation button or the “SEE ALL” for an Inline List or really any button that takes you to another screen from the main form, when you come back all of the content you’ve input is gone. I didn’t realize this had changed, and suddenly I had users messaging me, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had this big thing written, clicked on that button and when I came back it was all gone.” I had to remove the List Relation component… but now of course I have folks saying, “Man, it would be nice if we could browse a list of the content while we’re writing without having to close out the form.” Cause of course, closing the form also clears out the written content.

Is this a bug? Was anyone else using this? Any chance this can come back?