List of link by chronicle in a podcast app


I made for our podcast this glide app.

For each chronicle we can have many web link given in the facebook page. But want to give them in the app to be able to find them more quickly. How i can made a list of web link (variable in number… for 0 to 10) individually for each chronicle?

In the chroniques tab i have a list of all chronicle subjet, if you clic on one, you have the list of all the chnicle on that subject then the detail aout that particular chronicle… I want a list on the link in that level.

HOw can i do that?


You can have multiple links on one page. If you don’t use them all and leave some of the columns empty, then they won’t show on the detail view page. Components will only show if there is a value in the spreadsheet cell. I would suggest creating 10 link columns and then fill as needed.