List in Card View - Loses Spacing

A lot of our apps use the beautiful card view for lists. Recently they have all started exhibiting strange behaviour when “initially loaded”. The cards lose their vertical spacing. If you navigate away, then return, the spacing appears correctly. This is being reported by several customers and we can also repeat quite easily. It seems as though it’s a timing issue when the list first gets loaded.


I’ve seen the same behavior. I now have a button press set up to show/load the list after the app opens to prevent it.

Hey @kyleheney I’m glad you’ve seen it - but not glad that it needs a reload to resolve :frowning: I imagine it’s not a major one for the UI guys to look at. I’m not sure I’ve seen it reported elsewhere. Fingers crossed. That view is so beautiful I’d hate to compromise it.

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For my use case, the button press makes sense so I don’t mind it. It’s almost as if the card view is too good and takes longer than other views to load. On initial app load, it seems to stall and only properly loads when it’s the only thing left to load.

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Yes. I agree. That’s pretty much what I see. But I have no real way of adding a button press in my scenario without interrupting the “user flow”. May I ask what you’re doing in case I’m missing something?

That card issue has been there a long time. Explained a couple of theories in this post:


Absolutely @Jeff_Hager and apologies for missing that. Also I think your theory is probably correct, specifically:

I also have a theory that the card’s height is being determined before all of the data content of the card has been loaded. So for example, the card may be loading as 50px with a 5px gap, but once the content is finished loading, the height of the card bumps up to 55px and the gaps don’t reflow to account for that. Not sure how to fix that, but I’m guessing that may be the issue.

I’ll bump this up to @Jason to see if it can be given a nudge up the list?

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Same here

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Thanks also @Rosewebstudio - It’s interesting that you guys are not getting customer complaints? Maybe it’s because I use that card layout view a lot. I think it’s really flexible and makes the app look super modern and appealing. Perhaps Team Glide will look at it when they look at the other current “list funny”.

I have two “customers” :wink: . They’re more concerned about the data. It’s me that’s more concerned with how it looks. I agree with you on using cards for the flexibility.

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A couple have mentioned it “Hey you have a bug” but I said I’m working on it. I’m sure glide team will address it when they have a moment, but probably have other bigger priorities right now… :wink:


Haha! That’s me told then!

For what it’s worth I really NEVER (touch some wood) seem to have data issues with Glide apps. In my experience they are rock solid which gives me great comfort as we develop purely for customers rather than internally. And often they share the app with their own clients.

But, because Glide is so pretty and because our customers love how beautiful the apps are, they tend to REALLY notice something “ugly” especially when they think it’s a simple fix. It’s more important to them than the data, which they take for granted as “it’ll just work”. And it can be awkward to say “yeah we’ll get around to fixing that”.

Feel my pain guys



I feel your pain, trust me. Absolutely design matters and if things don’t look as they should it can bring in a element of having ‘a poor quality application’.

I’m very much a details person so things like this do niggle me but I have learn’t that in the scheme of things its probably not glides priority to fix it, yet.

If the app works and the data is correct then I’m happy.


Yes. I get that. But when you try to explain to a lovely yoga lady, with about 80 clients using the app, it’s difficult. She says “But Mark, this app is so beautiful and soulful. Why do the journal entries not always line up? It ruins the whole karma”. And I keep saying “Yup. We’ll fix that. Soon. And karma will be restored”.

Just different priorities!!!

Ah well, we’re at the end of the week, so let’s see what Monday brings.

Yeah agree it need to be fixed to keep your yoga teacher and students (and you) happy. It looks bad when you say “I will fix that” but it doesn’t get fixed.

We all need good karma :+1:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: it gets fixed soon. If I notice any updates to this I will let you know immediately.

Enjoy your weekend…

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And you. Cheers.

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You just need to explain that she needs to be more “flexible”. :wink:


That … @Jeff_Hager … is genius

I will be sure to let you know how I get on :slight_smile: May I refer her directly to you if I am unable to convey the message in an appropriate manner?


Ha! Sure you can…but she might bend me over backwards if she doesn’t agree.

(* Ok, I’ll stop with the puns now)


You seem to have started the weekend already! Enjoy!

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