BUG - Card view - Items go over each other

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hi @Mark and @Jason

I have a weired bug in my Card view. the items go over one another. when I click one of the items and go to details view and then go back it return to be fine but on every first view the list is broken.


Can you link me?


as the app in hebrew I’ve added a gif to direct you to where the cards list is

Did you change teh shortname just now?

NVM its working

What do you mean by shortname?

What is NVM?

NVM = Nevermind. :smiley:

As this is past midnight in IL I’m going to sleep. Pls let me know if you managed to fix the bug or if you need something else from me to do it. Will look for your answer in my morning

I found the issue, it was an amazingly silly bug caused by a dependency of ours and us just happening to pick the same name for something and then stepping on each others toes. Changed the name and the bug is fixed.


Unfortunately it looks you fix didn’t fix the bug as I still see the same problem.

The bug is fixed but not deployed.

Ahhh, ok. Will look tomorrow.
Have a good day/night

When will you deploy? Itt looks really bad now without the fix


When are you planing to release the fix? I have users complaining on this in other apps which are pro.

Can this be done today?

@Jason @Mark

I don’t understand why I can’t get an answer.
There was a bug and JAson fixed it so why is it not deployed and why no one answer when it will be deployed?

It can take a couple days to roll out deployments. Deployments come with risk.


I can understand that.
What I can’t understand is not answering. Also, for new features I can understand taking the time with deployment but for bug this is not something I as a builder and a user can accept especially when you know what’s the problem and fixed it.

I expect more transperacy from you guys and better communication.