Cards and Grid layout in pages floating

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Describe the bug:
Cards and Grid layouts are floating and are laggy

Expected Behaviour:
They shouldn’t float.

How to replicate:
Add an inline list and select card/grid layout


Seemed to be a random glitch. Took the list out of container so it was working fine, then when I put it back it started floating again.

I got rid of the container and added a new one. Working fine now.

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It’s probably not something that would happen in the published page in most cases. Also adjusting your browser zoom would probably fix it too.

I’ve seen this happen in the past. I think what’s happening is that the screen gets stuck trying to reflow to fit the page dimensions, but when it reflows, everything adjusts by a few pixels and it tries to reflow back to the original dimensions. It gets stuck in a loop trying to reflow the components back and forth.


Spot on. I just noticed that. I was basically using “CARD BACKGROUND” for the container, and I think that is the reason my card/grid list didn’t get enough room to fit in it :smile:. I zoomed out and it worked perfectly fine. I changed the background of container to normal and it worked well as well.

Maybe because the “CARD BACKGROUND” reduces the dimensions more.


Possibly. Might still be some adjustments that glide needs to make,

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