Linking to external apps | rule of thumb?


My basic CRM app does linking via Whatsapp ; email; call and text… this is as part of a manual verification process. the user experience should be:

  • i review my lead
  • i chose a channel to send a message to them
  • i go to the external app and send the message (with this was automated but alas will eventually get there)
  • user return to app and move to next lead


  • is it better do the “action flow”: first update the db and return to the main tab, then compose email or open link to whatssapp
  • or is it better to update db, then compose/open link, and from there return the user to the main tab
  • or , glideapps performance is great either way?


What do you “update” in the database for each action? I guess some kind of a boolean column that marks a lead as “reviewed”?


Yes, im:

  • checking if flag is yes,
  • then add row
  • set column values
  • return to tab

And there somewhere inbetween open link…

Hope it clarifies

So do I understand it right that you are setting the URL of the newly added row via the 3rd action? Or do you set something else?