Linking Family Member Accounts

Hi guys,

So my app currently allows users to create an account → add multiple pet profiles that are then related to that user.

I would like to on signup, a "signup wizard to popup where they have the option to do the following:

  1. Fill in a popup for their name
  2. Select if they have a pet already registered (by another family member)
    2.2 if yes, somehow link them to the other user?

I would need to somehow verify this I presume. May be better to have family members invite others, if so again, how could I do this and link the related pet profiles?

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What is your ultimate aim for this? Do you want to link that pet to the newly signed in user as well?

Hi Thin,

I want to give admin rights to the shared profile.

ie: If I have my pet added to my profile, I want to share access to this profile with my wife. We can both then see and edit the same pet profile.

You’ll want some sort of family ID. I imagine two tables:

  1. a users table, where you have a role column that can serve as the family ID.
  2. A pets table with the same family ID column.

To add a new user to serve as an admin for the pets, the original user of the family needs to invite the new user. This will add to their row to the users table, and the family ID to the Role column.
They’ll automatically be linked to any related pets

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