Linkedin-Style Carrousel (or better) from a multi-pages pdf?

Hi :cherry_blossom:
I was wondering if Glide Team has sth in store to integrate carrousels easier.
I like the way Linkedin for ex do it: where we only need to prepare a pdf with all the pages, integrate it, and it displays as a carrousel.
I have a KM app, that’s why it’s a bit tedious to upload images one by one before any method to generate the carrousel. Mostly 2-3 images.
Thks :cherry_blossom:

Sorry, can you explain me what is a KM app?

Knowledge Management, Roldy :slightly_smiling_face:
With for ex a glossary of terms. So many rows of contents to manage from the tables.

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Oh thanks!
I don’t know most of the abbreviations of business English.

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I don’t either :slightly_smiling_face: My Bad. I shouldn’t have assumed everyone knew what KM means.

So you’re wondering if there could be a method to extract all the images from a PDF and then automatically propose them in a carousel in Glide.
The intent was to just upload the PDF to Glide, right?

As an alternative to a native Glide feature, you could use an external API service to convert the PDF to images, then retrieve the images and put them in the carousel.

:thinking:I suspect you want to do this to avoid using a flipbook. Good idea :clap:

Try taking a look here if it helps:

Theoretically I think it could be done.
(I have never implemented this service, so this is why I used the conditional verb)

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I use this service, and it works well. I have a scheduled job that runs once a month and converts about 1000 single page PDF files to PNG images. Unfortunately there is no easy way to get the images into Glide, so I store them in Google Drive and insert a reference to the drive file ID in Glide.

For @L.M’s use case, it sounds like she’s wanting to extract individual images from a larger PDF file. I think this would be quite a challenge.

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