Link to spanish version of app in tabs

I have both an english and spanish version of my app. Can I include the spanish version as a tab?

You could included as a tab but also you could show it depending on the user’s language.

Actually if you browser for Agent information on the forum, you can find a way to show either tab depending on the browser’s language.

Thank you.
But I cannot figure out how to add it as a tab.

Do you have screenshots of what you have?

Just want to link Spanish version to English version via tab.
English version is PRO, btw.

Wait, are they two separate app?


In that case you could use a button that opens a link and that link is the other app. You cannot embed and app in another app.

OK, thank you.
I figured I could add it as a tab since I have a tab which links to a YouTube video via a URL.

I am also interested in having a Spanish version of the App and would love to hear how you solve this.

Hi. I ended up making a tab which contained a link button to my Spanish app.
Not perfect, but functional.