Have an app in two or more languages

Hi everyone, any thoughts on how to have an app in various languages? Could you do it with a switch or checkbox and then change the visibility conditions based on the language that has been chosen?

Thank you

AFAIK, it depends on the user’s language in the browser settings.

Here’s the documentation around it.

Thank you @sardamit . I was looking to translate the content, thats why I asked about the switch or checkbox and then change the visibility conditions, but I don´t know if that would be the best way

Do you mean something like this?

Its an app for a restaurant, so no, it literally mean mean have the entire app in two languages, so for instance Spanish and English, including the menu and other info

I also thought about it how I can localize/translate my app, especially when you need an own datasheet as data source for every language.

As far as I can see you have to build (and perhaps pay) an app for every translation.

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This has happened for the second time today, so I will clarify.

The apps I mention are never going to fit 100% to the situation. When I quote an app and say ‘something like this’, I usually refer to a specific functionality in the app.

In this particular case, I meant to refer to the setting where you select the source language and the target language.

You can do that with conditional visibility and a choice component.
Check out app.mareazul.com

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